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Dear Diary,

Ever had a piece of furniture that’s a “family heirloom” and there’s no chance you’ll get to drive it on down to the local Goodwill? That’s the story behind this gem here. Great sturdy table, with terrible upholstery and no real place for it. Except for it was literally my boyfriend’s “desk” since way before we even met. Who knows how he got anything done or organized? Plus, it took up half his bedroom in his old apartment! So I posed the idea of recovering the chairs and making it a kitchen table and splurging on an ACTUAL desk. Brilliant! The desk is finally realized and looks amazing in our second bedroom and Tommy is getting so much more done now that he actually has drawers to organize things. Or maybe he can just hide his clutter easier? Either way I’m one happy girl!

This is it, sans his “work” aka paper explosion.

Chair Makeover

I’m all for pattern, but this fabric pattern is reminiscent of 1990s Jetta interior, which I would have died to have back in the day, however this material should never make it into your home. Let’s be real…it’s dated and it’s ugly.



* Screw driver

* Scissors

* Material of your choice

* Industrial stapler

* Iron


1. Use your screw driver to remove the cushions from the chairs.

2. Iron out your material.

3. Cut the material leaving enough room on each side so that it can wrap around the cushion and be stapled to the back.

*Make sure the material is facing the same way if there’s a grain or pattern!

4. Staple your first side. The next side to secure should be the one directly across from the first.

*Make sure to leave several inches by the corners so you can tac them in last.

5. Fold the corners so that the sides are even and pull tight. Staple it down.

6. Screw the cushions back onto the chairs using the same screws.




The final product! Now used as a kitchen table.


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