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Dear Diary,

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was found in a compromising position more than once this week by my boyfriend…  I awoke startled, a jar of ghee butter in one hand, a spoon in the other and bread crumbs covering my face; my boyfriend was standing over me, a concerned look on his face, “I think you have a problem,” he said to me, shaking his head as he assisted me up from the living room couch. “It’s the GHEEEEEE!” I cried… confused by my drunk on butter slurring, I think he thought I said “I got to PEEEEE!” because I ended up being chauffeured to the bathroom instead of to the bedroom… awkward.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me… nutella or dark chocolate has the same effect…

(photo courtesy of ivillage)

Yes, sadly this is what happens to people addicted to food… but things could be worse.  I could be addicted to processed, fattening and unhealthy treats instead of butter.

At this point you might be confused… butter is bad for you right?  Yes, butter is, but ghee butter, isn’t.

Finally… a butter I don’t have to feel guilty about!!!!!!  I’m on cloud nine– I feel like dancing! Or singing along to old school Mariah Carey!

Call me crazy, but once you hear about Ghee, I know you’ll agree.  Ghee is clarified butter that provides the benefits of healthy fat without the impurities of normal butter such as saturated fats.

ghee butter sfg

Ghee has a lot of antioxidants and is known to be an immune booster… it’s lactose friendly for those who avoid dairy, it’s rich in vitamins A,D, & E; it even provides you with loads of energy making less healthy fat in your body easier to burn!! what whaaaat!

I use this baby on everything… from a late night snack of buttered toast, to sauteing vegetables or cooking a mean burger… while too much of anything is never good, feel free to indulge with ghee.  You’re welcome SFGs :)

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