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Dear Diary,

Sometimes you need a Ladies Night – maybe your man-mate is getting on your nerves or you’re tired of cooking or you realize that laundry for the household will always be your responsibility…like forever (this was a bad day for me). There are lots of ways to rationalize a glass of wine with your friends, whatever they may be, we say use them…a lot! And be adventurous! Get out and about in your town and take advantage of happy hour specials! Or if tax season wasn’t especially rewarding this year, why not host a girl’s night?

Here’s our list of tried, tested and truly great wines; each under $15 a bottle. If you have not been to BevMo’s 5 cent wine sale, I would call that a missed opportunity.

One BevMo trip lead me to discover the Graffigna Centenario, Malbec Reserve 2010 –  talk about a party in your mouth. Yes, I did just say that. It has a spicy bold flavor with a hint of dark chocolate. AH-mazing, pair with a hard cheese like parmesan reggiano and that’s all my diet wrote.

Wholefoods sells a white wine called, Opala Vino Verdeo. It’s as if they captured summer in a bottle and decided to sell it slightly chilled. Serve it with a watermelon salad – fresh cut watermelon, feta cheese and chopped mint with a dash of salt. Your friends may never leave! It’s only $8.99!


Menage a trois, they sell this bottle at Costco for $11.99 and I’m guessing you’ve probably have already had, but we had to mention it. We served the red blend at my sister’s bachlorette celebration and I’ve never have you heard so many giggling girls. It just takes you to a happy place or maybe a gay bar in Lincoln Park with male dancers. Either way, this bottle is under $12 dollars and definately a win-win wherever you end up.

Val’s favorite, Apothic Red, is a winemaker’s blend that retails for $9.99, or if you’re comfortable purchasing 10 bottles at a time (don’t judge us), $6.99 at Ralph’s! No bottle left behind…

When it comes to white wines, I’m a huge fan of buttery chardonnays. I just found Melville’s 2010 Chardonnay on sale for $15.99, but it’s usually around $20. But if you are looking for a splurge, I’d definately recommend this bright-gold yellow wine. It pairs well fish, I like it with this salmon marinade.


And when all the wine is gone….it’s time for shots:) Here’s a little SFG outing to Zenga in Santa Monica. It’s a Latin-Asian infused restaurant and their happy hour was really reasonable. Mark, our very intuitive waiter, knew that we needed/wanted something to take the edge off and brought these raspberry-lemonade shots…yum:) This may be the reason I wondered around the parking structure for 20 minutes looking for my car…it brought me to the beaches of Hawaii and apparently I couldn’t seem to find my way back.


In my defense, they were pretty large shots.


I’m such a ham and kinda felt like a rapper with a shot in a tiny Cavasia glass. NBD


This is Jackie after an 8-hour week day…so we voted to make her shot a large cocktail. Well deserved.


And Val, always on point, rocking a leather jacket with messy tresses. Love it.

 Their Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Salmon Roll is a must try!


Jackie carried the heavy lifting on this one and decided to be our hand model.




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