Girl’s Night Bites


Dear Diary,

I love a dinner party.  However, living in Los Angeles, I sometimes have trouble finding space to host properly, and my boyfriend is always in some phase of moving in, so he doesn’t want to host – he doesn’t like clean up and is nervous his fancy new table will get scratched.  So when he was out of town last weeekend in perfect high school form I threw a party at his place!  (P.S. I actually somehow got the okay from him.  Most likely because I promised lots of left overs!)

Cut to the morning of my girls’ night.  A couple girlfriends and I went a little overboard at Venice’s First Friday, and we were sprawled out on various couches watching back to back episodes of Duck Dynasty.  I have no idea either…  I started to panic when I saw it was only four hours before the party and hadn’t even been to the grocery store yet…  Thankfully, I have wonderful friends that didn’t mind acting as my little grunts when I ordered them to help me.  Don’t they say that a good leader is really a good deligator?!  No?…  Well, I was sweating out various drinks from the night before in a kitchen with no AC, so it wasn’t pretty.  But we somehow pulled it off, and almost all of us even squeezed in a shower!  No comment on who didn’t…  So, I can’t take credit for the whole spread…thank you Marlana Carter & Whitney Baker!

…Caprese Salad Skewers…


* Tooth picks

* Cherry tomatoes

* Mozzarella

* Fresh Basil

* Balsamic Vinaigrette

* EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

* Salt & Pepper


1. Wash cherry tomatoes and basil leaves

2. Strip basil leaves from their stem

3. Cut mozzarella into small squares or use the mozzarella balls (bocconcini)

4. Skewer the tomato, basil leaf & mozzarella with the toothpick

5. Drizzle with basalmic vinegrette and EVOO.  Lastly, sprinkle with salt & pepper


…Lentil Dip…

(Felicia Cox’s famous recipe!)


* Trader Joe’s packaged steamed lentils

* Trader Joe’s bruschetta

* Feta cheese (I use fat free)

* Fresh basil

* (Optional) Artichoke hearts


1. Empty entire package of ready made steamed lentils into a bowl

2. Mix in entire container of bruschetta

3. Wash and chop fresh basil and sprinkle in a couple handfuls

4. (Optional) Add 5-10 artichoke hearts

5. Crumble desired amount of feta cheese into the bowl

6. Mix up, and enjoy!  Use on crackers, bread, or I love it in my salad…

* This is the easiest and best thing you’ll ever make!



* Orange

* Apple

* Peach

* Strawberries

* Bottle of red wine

* Can of ginger ale

* Ice


(I doubled this recipe)

1. Wash and cut up fresh fruit

2. Put into the serving container (It should take up about 1/4 of the pitcher)

3. Pour bottle of wine over the fruit

4. Mix in a can of ginger ale

5. Throw in some ice cubes and let it chill

* Make at least one hour before serving so the fruit can properly soak…


…the spread…

…charcuterie plate…



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