Dear Diary,

For the past two days, I’ve been onset for a commercial shoot; for a 30 second ad, it took TWO ten hour days to capture, ah television magic!! However, these aren’t ten hour work days; its four hours of shooting and six hours of resetting the lighting, camera angles and set changes. I actually didn’t mind the sitting around, because I got to gab with the make-up artist about beauty secrets, which, as you know is one of my favorite topics.

Being that’s its winter and my skin has taken on a lovely “dull-ish” tone, I wanted to know what would bring some life back to my face and get people to stop asking if I’m feeling alright? (My genes were pooled from two Irish-Swedes, so I didn’t have much luck in the “tan” department.) Mya, the make-up artist, gave me the “mean girls” look of where have you been? She lamented, “Please tell me you’ve heard of the Glam-Glow Mud Mask, the one in the white jar?” Beauty magazines have been going crazy over it and Mya swears it’s the only time in her five year relationship that her husband actually commented on how good her skin looked.

Well, I’m all for glowing skin and my fiancé being side-swiped by my radiance…bahaha. So, here I sit with my $70 dollar jar of mud, thinking that my face better freaking shimmer for that price.

So, after the mask has been rinsed off, I find my fiancé and ask him how my skin looks. I realize you are supposed to wait for a compliment, but I need some instant gratification to validate my $70 purchase. Home slice says, “Yeah it looks good, it’s not so shiny.” Como, what? That’s not the awesomeness I was looking for, guess I should’ve held my tongue and waited to see if he noticed “my glow.”

As for my own review, my skin does look more polished, shimmering…not so much. However, I will keep you updated on the glow factor. Maybe it increases after a couple times?



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