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Dear Diary,

The above picture is of my college girlfriends, my mom and me. I’m lucky enough to have them down in LA with me and my momma loves making Mom’s Weekend trips frequently! This trip was especially special because “The Boss” was in town and we got tickets to see him. It was at the sketchiest arena in LA and we merely escaped scuffles a handful of times (I’m not exaggerating!), but nothing could get us down because we were together, singing along with a legend and I made us custom shirts! Everyone was envious!

This concert was actually over a year ago, but if you follow SFG’s new INSTAGRAM (follow us here!) you would know that I went with a bunch of friends to the Justin Bieber concert! We were in a last minute pinch and couldn’t find any “Belieber” merchandise so I decided to make some literally an hour before the show. Not really sure how I pulled it off in time, but they somehow all dried AND I was ready to go in time. This occurrence reminded me that I never published my DIY stencil shirt, so here it is… A similar version would also be great for summer camp tees, high school class spirit, etc…

You’re never too old to get dressed up! People thought we were his backup dancers! No joke.

Justin Bieber shirts

(Not sure who the photo bomber is…)



* Cheap Tank or Tee

(Ours were from Forever 21 and under $2)

* Vellum Paper

* Exacto Knife

* Pencil

* Tape

* Spray paint in your desired color

Start with creating your stencil…

DIY - Stencil

1. Sketch out your stencil art with a pencil on the vellum sheet. (I did Bruce’s face!)

2. Cut out all the negative space with your exacto knife. (I typically use an exacto “pen” but couldn’t find mine. Ugh.)

3. Put a piece of cardboard (I personally like to use old record cases) inbetween your shirt to hold it tight and keep the paint from bleeding through.


4. Lay your stencil on your shirt (taping down if possible) and spray paint from about 6″ away.

5. Let dry and remove tape and stencils. Voila, a custom designed shirt!

*Don’t forget those protective rubber gloves! haha.


We were a big hit at the Bruce Springsteen concert! I might have to set up a booth next time he’s in town :)


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  1. Karen Dahl-Darling says:

    What a treat to open your blog this morning and see the picture of us at the Springsteen show! What a great time we had and I felt pretty cool in my custom t shirt! My question to you…Val, why do you always wait to the last minute to do these DIY shirts? Do you remember hanging off your little balcony in Hollywood, wind blowing, spray paint everywhere, t shirts flying away? You always pull it off and I am always amazed and a little breathless! Keep up the good work and , for God’s sake, try doing it the day before! I can’t take the pressure! Mom xo

  2. erin seifert says:

    this is pimp sh*t! u r crazy talented!


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