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eggs on toast SFG Diary with avocado

Dear Diary,

My mornings go one of two ways– it’s either a hectic morning where I’m rushing out the door, or it’s the type of morning that allows me to kick back and relax for a while…

I prefer the days when I can be lazy and laid back… at least for a couple hours. I dream of the mornings where I don’t have anywhere to be… when I can make myself a large cup of coffee, and enjoy my favorite meal of the day.  Breakfast is jam-packed with some of my favorite foods, and there’s nothing like a big breakfast after an intense yoga work-out… but unfortunately, most days are too busy and stressful to enjoy the morning.  We all do so much all the time, and so often, we forget to take a quick moment for OURSELVES!  Our mental and physical health must be a priority, and I’m determined to eat well and put my best foot forward every day.  But even when I do take the time to whip up something fast– it usually consists of solely fruits and nuts.  And while fruits and nuts are perfectly healthy, I’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of getting something green in first thing in the morning!  As I try to eat more vegetables, adding some in to my breakfast routine sounds like the best way to start a long day!

When I have the time, I make my favorite breakfast sandwich, packed with avocado and basically everything else you’d want to want!  But on work days, I’m less inclined to take the time for this breakfast delight– instead, I take 10 minutes to make the ultimate green smoothie!

Here’s what you do for the perfect smoothie!  Combine in a blender:

1.5 cups of fresh kale

handful of ice

2 cups of almond milk

1 tbsp of spirulina powder (this superfood is packed with what you need to boost the start of your day!)

a couple dashes of agave syrup (natural sugar)

1 cup of greek yogurt

1 spoonful of vanilla plant protein powder

1 banana

SFG feel me up smoothie

Is there anything else you’d want in a smoothie?!  I didn’t think so… this smoothie is tangy,delicious and completely satisfying on my commute to work.  Starting my day off healthy keeps me feeling my best, and keeps junk food at bay.

SFG Diary greek protein smoothie

On the days that I have more time in my morning, I’ve been obsessed with this easy and SO DELICIOUS open face breakfast sandwich.  I’m sure you’ve had all these ingredients before, but maybe not quite like this!

SFG Diary healthy eggs on toast

Make it healthy and satisfying by toasting sprout bread (no flour!) and smearing on a layer of avocado (like butter)… full of healthy essential fats!  (aren’t you glad you went with avocado instead of butter or cream cheese this morning :) )

SFG Diary avocado on toast

Sprinkle on some salt to enrich the flavor of the avocado and cut a big slice of tomato… this juicy fruit is full of vitamins and promotes bone and skin health!

tomatoes with avocado SFG Diary

and don’t forget the raw red onion- so sweet and strong in flavor, it adds the perfectly crisp bite this sandwich was missing!

red onion on avocado toast

Finally, top with a protein and nutrient rich egg fried in ghee.  Now I’m ready to take on whatever the day brings me!  I’m not kidding, this sandwich is so good and keeps me full for hours!

SFG eggs toast

Want some more smoothie favorites… check out these two great smoothie recipes here & here!

Will you try one of these breakfast favorites this week?!  Let us know!

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