Grunge to Girlie!


Grunge to GirlieDear Diary,

In fashion and in life (I’m like a gyspy with a million jobs), I like to change it up and I appreciate variety. It’s fun to pose as a hipster one day, a girlie-girl the next, and maybe a (fill in the blank)… after that.

Since the invention of Facebook, there’s a chance to be “tagged” at any time… which means that the possibility of being caught wearing the same outfit twice is always looming. Not cool guys, not cool. So, it’s important to know how to rework your closet and to avoid getting stuck in the rut of having set outfits. Here is a way to make a completely different outfit and look from the same sweater. Creating several options within your wardrobe will save you money and keep things fresh. You want to be able to get the most out of your closet, so go ahead try pairing something new!


(Not sure that’s a real word?)



Brandy Melville – sweater // Citizens of Humanity – jeans // Steve Madden – boot

…to girlie…


Brandy Melville – sweater // Chinese Laundry – boot //

Sock bun – hair // Aldo – ring


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