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Dear Diary,

Traveling for the past two weeks reminded me why I love a good up-do! I just got back from Paris. It was beautiful and so inspiring: the culture, history and cityscapes …Oh, and the food!! Cheese, croissants and macaroons just to name a few of my favs. My husband, was shocked to actually see me eating it ALL. He lamented not being able to recall a time I’ve eaten bread…in our entire 5 years of being together. I’m actually a little proud of that statement, which, also reminds me why I have SFG issues.  There was so much cheese to eat and so much to see, that I didn’t feel like spending an hour every morning getting ready. So, a side fishtail braid became my go-to. It kept me chic from day to night! During the day, I rocked a fishtail braid to the side..


Fishtail Tutorial


And when night came, I threw a couple pins in the braid to make it a messy bun. It was perfect for dinners out and so much easier than doing my hair!!


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