Hair Tutorial: the “Halo” braid made simple!


SFG Jackie in braidsDear Diary,

I have about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning before I’m out for the day; and sadly this means that I can never really do anything fancy… I always have this high expectation (okay, let’s get real… it’s a dream) of looking like a super model all day long– I envision myself  just as chic and fresh after work as I did when I started the day… but this of course is never the case.  Usually by noon my eyeliner has smudged, and by five, I have been smiling with a poppy seed or piece of spinach jammed in between my teeth since lunch (thanks co-workers for telling me)… not to mention, sporting pit stains that have transpired from running around the office… basically, I look  like a rodeo clown.

sfg Jackie halo braid

It gets boring sometimes to have the same hair style day after day… but what can I say… I have to stick to an easy, no fuss routine!  I usually just wear it down until it gets in my way.  Once the frizz has taken over, I give up– knotting my locks into  a birds nest… not a good look.  So with the braid trend still as hot as ever, I started doing the “halo” braid… but my way.  Not complicated. and done in 5 minutes.  Best part is… the messier it gets… the better it looks! It is the one hairstyle I can count on to look better as the day progresses…

Jackie hairstyle SFG

This original “Heidi” inspired look is playful & cute! And remember, it does not have to be perfect!

Try it out for yourself :) Check the youtube clip below for the step by step!

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