Halloween inspiration: HOCUS POCUS HAIR SCARE


Dear Diary,

Happy Halloween!  Us SFG’s hope that you have a spooky, fun and candy filled day!

Nothing gets us more into the Halloween spirit than our favorite holiday movie Hocus Pocus… I mean seriously… who doesn’t absolutely love that movie!?  “I put a spell on you… and now your mine, mine, mine, all mine!” Sorry for breaking into song, but it’s still a hit 15 years later… I couldn’t help myself…

Now it’s always hard for me to come up with the perfect costume… I end up trying to convince myself that this is the year I’m going to plan ahead and think of the most hilarious, most fun costume imaginable… and EVERY year Halloween rolls around and I’m scrambling last minute!  All of a sudden everything looks like a potential outfit or prop… kitchen utensils… loofahs… I mean anything.

As I was about to give up and just go as a ghost (looking at my bed sheets for inspiration), I realized that being my favorite witch never goes out of style… and it is so easy to do… if you’re scrambling for a last minute look—go from glamorous to… let’s face it Bette Midler as a witch is STILL glamorous in the amount of time it took her, SJP & Kathy Najimy to turn Zachery Banks into a cat!  (It’s probably occurring to you now that I’ve seen this movie a few too many times…) It may not be the real thing– but its a fun twist on an old favorite– with just a little hair and make-up you can transform your look into something spooky!

Here’s how to get a similar look in 10 minutes or less!


Using pins to fasten, split curled hair into two even halves and toss up loosely.


Then using bronzer– define under your cheek bones and sweep over your eyes.  Using a pinker blush tone make small circular motions on just the apples of your cheeks. After, thicken the top lid with liquid eyeliner and tons of mascara.

And finish the look with a well defined lip. Do this by first applying a coat of concealer over the lips.


Then use a red lip pencil to outline a heart shape on your top and bottom lip (middle 1/3 of lips).


Now all you need now is a green cape or coat to complete the look! Or tutu in my case…


Do you see the resemblance?  Here’s my impression: “booooooooooook!” ah, now you see it! ;)

Enjoy the Halloween Spirit and Share your costume ideas with us here or on facebook!

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