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Dear Diary,

My go-to comfort food has always been anything Italian… but sometimes it’s not even worth it if I feel like there is no nutritional value… now Italian (made right) is actually some of the simplest and healthiest food a gal could eat… and this easy Pesto recipe is DELICIOUS and HEALTH inspired… FULL of some extra lean greens that you wouldn’t usually see in a pesto!  Simply put, this Pesto is a  taste of Italy that you can feel good about.  So how do you fit this bouquet of greens in with a pasta dish??  Here’s how…

basil 002 (2)

You need:

pesto 002

2 cups of spinach & 2 cups of Basil

1 container of PROTEIN PLUS PASTA (found at any supermarket)

1 clove of garlic

1/3 cup of pine nuts

teaspoon of salt & pepper

pesto 005

MIX in a food processor (Italian made easy)– and drizzle in olive oil until smooth

pesto 006

Ditch the heavy Parmesan cheese that usually goes into Pesto recipes… and instead add some tomato and fresh mozzarella to finish the plate!

pesto 007

pesto 010

After a long day of work… there’s nothing better than to satisfy my craving of Pesto pasta… It’s quick, tasty, and won’t undo my whole day!

Enjoy SFG’s!

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