Healthy Apple Monster Snack


healthy apple monster snack

Dear Diary,

Every year I say to myself, “I’m going to make this Halloween count.”  I convince myself that I’m going to come up with the most epic costume (months in advance of course); throw my friends the spookiest Halloween party; watch every classic horror film; visit every pumpkin patch; and of course indulge in the sweetest treats the holiday has to offer (without gaining any holiday weight.)  Wishful thinking right?  Ha.  Every year I say this… and it’s been years since I felt like I truly embraced the spirit of the holiday.   I think it’s one of life’s lessons to learn that you can’t embrace EVERYTHING fully.  As I get older, I learn more about the importance of balance in your life… if I spent every moment of October “embracing” Halloween, there’s a lot of other things in my life I would have to ignore… so with this new “adult” attitude, I’m learning to just enjoy whatever Holiday fun I can… and leave the rest.  With that said, while I refuse to eat pillow cases full of processed candy (like I did as a kid), I will of course indulge with the rest of the country this Halloween!  But I thought that this week, I’d start some of the fun early with this spooky but Healthy Apple Monster Snack!  It was so easy, and so fun to make… but completely guilt-free!

healthy apple monster treat


Apples!  (as many as you want– one apple makes 2 monsters) (cut the apple in half length wise and then use a knife to shape the mouth and mold the lips

peanut butter (spread on the “inner mouth” of the apple so that the strawberry tongue sticks!)

Sunflower seeds (for the teeth!– stick into the apple)

strawberries (slice thinly length-wise)

{if you want to add eyes– use greek yogurt for the white part ( you can sweeten it with some truvia if you like), and then a chocolate chip or Justin’s organic chocolate spread as the pupil)

And that’s it! ;)

healthy halloween snack

Make this for your friends, your co-workers at the office, your kids, your friends kids, or just for yourself!  Enjoy SFG’s!

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