Healthy Greek Quesadilla


greek quesadilla

Dear Diary,

This healthy Greek quesadilla is not a novel idea… but sometimes the easiest ideas can still be unique… when I’m eating “healthy”, the only food I tend to order-in is middle eastern classics… tabbouleh, pita, lebneh… I may not always order the healthiest things on the menu, but how bad can any Mediterranean meals be for you anyway?! ;)  And when it comes to staying healthy during the work-day, I tend to stick to a simple salad… and for me, no salad compares to a Greek salad.  So when I had left-over pita bread at home… I decided to make  my own healthy version of the Quesadilla– but instead of the delicious classic, this is a green-twist on the old favorite; think Greek Salad on pita bread.  Can’t get better than that!

feta quesadilla


healthy greek quesadilla

  • slice open a whole wheat pita and sprinkle on a handful of feta cheese crumbles
  • broil in the oven until the pita is nice and crisp– the cheese will be slightly melted but keep in mind that feta cheese does not melt as easily as other cheeses!
  • chop up a handful of sweet tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, greek olives, and parsley and place in a mixing bowl
  • sprinkle on salt and pepper, and drizzle a dash of extra virgin olive oil
  • mix up the veggies and spread across one side of the quesadilla… flip one pita slice onto the other and cut in half

healthy quesadilla

…And there you go!  A twist on the quesadilla classic that won’t undo all your healthy choices ;)

SFG Diary quesadilla

quesadilla healthy version

You’re welcome SFG’s!  Tell us, what would you like us to cook up  next?!




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