Spaghetti Squash


Dear Diary,

I’m about to head off to Cabo for one of my best friend’s birthday’s and Tommy and my 5 year anniversary! Woohoo! I couldn’t be more excited to soak up the sun with margaritas in hand and my loves by my side. Then I get to thinking about my pale skin and less than summer ready bod and I start rummaging through our veggie drawer in a panic.

Spaghetti squash it is! I love this veggie because it’s almost like tricking yourself into thinking you’re eating a hearty pasta dish. Especially after the holidays, when your body isn’t quite adjusted to anything besides carbs, sweets and being horizontal on the couch for 45% of your day…

However, the one thing I don’t love about spaghetti squash pasta is it looks and feels like a bowl of mush. I’ve never had the patience or skill to create long, noodle-like pieces. They always end up being 1.5 in max and look soggy. No one wants soggy pasta!

Then came the revelation that I’ve been doing it wrong all along… Instead of cutting the squash length wise I cut tried experimenting and cross cutting the squash into rings. See below…

Healthy recipes | Skinny fat girl diary - 07

 Then, bake them on 375 degree for about 30 minutes until soft and browned.

Healthy recipes | Skinny fat girl diary - 13

 This is the end of the squash… I took a spoon and slowly scooped the “noodles” out of the rings and end of the squash and the “noodles” actually had length! They looked like real life noodles!

Healthy recipes | Skinny fat girl diary - 10

 Voila! See the difference between lengthwise and cross cut. 4- 5x the length!

Healthy recipes | Skinny fat girl diary - 14

Healthy recipes | Skinny fat girl diary - 16

 You wouldn’t believe how much more fun it is to eat veggies that actually look like pasta. You might actually believe it is… What’s your favorite food trick?!


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  1. Taryn says:

    But how do you safely cut it into so many pieces? Cutting the raw squash is always the hardest part, and I feel like I’m going to stab myself cutting it once… do you microwave it slightly before slicing?


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