Stacked Apple Salad


Dear Diary,

Happy Halloween! I don’t know about you, but I’m about to go into diabetic shock after the handfuls of Starbursts and peanut butter cups I’ve shoved into my mouth. Hey! That’s what this holiday is all about, right?! Indulging… and procrastinating until the last second to throw together a random costume and even you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be…

Unfortunately, this year I have lots of candy tempting me. I typically can avoid it because I don’t have any trick or treaters come to my door because in LA most people live in apartments and even though we’re in a townhouse we are hidden from the street so no one comes a knockin’… Except for that’s not entirely true…

Last year, Tommy and I stayed in and while we were enjoying a quiet dinner at home we heard a group of kids come through and because we don’t get trick or treaters we didn’t have any candy to give them! We froze. We actually hid until they left. I felt like such a bad person for it, but I wasn’t about to hand over my favorite soup packets or cake mix… And let’s be real giving them our spare set of toothbrushes (everyone has experienced knocking on the door of a dentist and then immediately regretting it) would just make them hate us more than they already did for holding out on the candy that we didn’t have.

When they left we turned our porch lights off for fear we would disappoint more kiddos. Gosh, we’re really terrible people.  But, come on! How was I supposed to know there’d be a ninja kid who happened to venture down a dark back alley that is our front porch?! So this year I came prepared! I bought bags of candy only to find myself binging on all the chewy deliciousness. Oops. I did it again. (That’s it! I got it! I could be Britney Spears for Halloween! But vintage Brit. The good years. I miss those days…) Sorry for the tangent. But really guys, what should I be?!

Stacked-Apple-Salad-Skinny-Fat-Girl-Diary-10190.jpgSo since I needed something of nutritional value besides fistfuls of candy corn (that’s my man’s fav!) I decided to make an adorable little stacked salad that still gave me that pop of something sweet I so desperately desired without all the processed sugar. And apple has become a theme lately so add this recipe to the list!


* Apple (I used honey crisp)

* Arugula

* Jicama


(I don’t measure this, just add amounts until you get the taste and consistency you like)

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Balsamic Vinegar

* Dijon Mustard

* Pine Nuts

*Shaved Parmesan (only need a tad)

* Lemon Juice

* Pepper


How To:

* Thinly slice the jicama and apple. Core out the seeds of the apple.

* Place the smallest apple slice on the plate.

* Add the jicama + small handful of arugula.

* Then repeat with the apple slice, jicama, arugula until you completed the entire apple. (basically put it back together)

* Mix up your dressing and drizzle over the top of your apple tower!

Happy Halloween SFGs! How do you curb your sweet tooth?!


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