Dear Diary,

Over the holidays I got to spend time at my second home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Now I know I might not look like the typical southern belle, but I am a Dixie chicken at heart!  hah okay… who am I kidding, I’m a New Yorker for goodness sake! But since my man is a southern gentlemen ;) I absolutely love the time I get to spend in the deep south… Nothings better than some great grits, biscuits & gravy, country blues, and the sound of “y’all.”

Now that I’m back in LA… I was inspired to make some healthy comfort food with a southern flavor.  I decided on a quinoa stew with onions and mushrooms.  This simple dish was absolutely delicious, hearty and healthy!  whoooooop wooooo starting 2013 off right!

The recipe is rich, soulful with a winter flair– come on you’re not going to eat stew in the summertime are you??  I didn’t think so… all you need is: 1 cup of quinoa, 1 red onion, a package of mushrooms, 2 cups of vegetable broth!  Start off by sauteing onions in a pan with olive oil; then add quinoa, follow with vegetable broth and mushrooms!  Cook for 15 minutes and it’s done!

As all of you already know. quinoa is a SUPER FOOD!  Therefore this meal is the perfect healthy dose of protein I need after the tons of chocolate, butter and other junk food I consumed over the holidays.  Here’s to 2013 SFG’s!  We got this!

Need to be inspired?  Below are not only pictures of my dish, but of the beautiful woods of Tennessee!

 Okay… so this is actually me in southern California (picture courtesy of amazing SFG Valorie!) But don’t I look so earthy and woodsy!  So let’s pretend!




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