Dear Diary,

High waist pants have always reminded me of the horrific mom jean trend– in case you’ve forgotten, check out the amazing SNL skit.

Yup… so painful to watch.  The unflattering fit… saggy denim but tight where you really don’t want it…  I could go on and on…

skinnyfatgirldiary.com fun in polk-a-dotsAfter being traumatized by mom jeans through most of my childhood… the idea of high waist pants being flattering or trendy seemed crazy!

skinnyfatgirldiary.com high-waisted pants

I could see how it could work on a stick-figure… but on an actual human, I felt like it would define my curves in all the wrong places…

man was I wrong!  The fit is great and it accentuates my butt in all the right ways!

These pants have turned into my work, party & apartment pants!  I love pairing it with crop tops… or cute polk-a-dot sweaters :)

skinnyfatgirldiary.com fun in highwaisted pants

This look even allowed me to recycle some of my favorite new years accessories

statement pieces skinnyfatgirldiary.com

get the look: Zara sweater, urban outfitters jeans



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