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Dear Diary,

Holiday parties are in full swing and as overwhelming as this time of year can be, it also brings everyone together! Also, most of those gatherings involve food + drinks, so you know this girl will be there!

When hosting a party, it’s always fun to put a twist on an old favorite or trend. This year, copper mugs are all the rage (mostly housing Moscow Mules), but why not use an apple? Or just garnish with one! I don’t know about you, but spiced apple cider in an apple mug cup sounds pretty sweet!

It’s all in the details people! Something to put your personalized stamp on the party and set you apart from all the rest…

Need more holiday hosting tips?! We got you covered!

apple pie, skinny fat girl diary, recipe, dessert, healthy treat


* Choose large, round apples that sit level/flat on the ground. We don’t want any wobblers… (that’s for the dance floor!)

* Use a melon baller or spoon to core out the middle of the apple in a bowl shape. Make sure not to dig too deep as it will puncture through the bottom.

* Pour your desired beverage into the center and add a garnish.

* Pssst… It can be difficult to actually drink from the apple rim, so a cute paper straw always works wonders and adds to the cuteness factor!
apple pie, skinny fat girl diary, recipe, dessert, healthy treat

What’s your go to holiday drink?


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