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This week we’re featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog again (If you missed our other posts check them out here and here) – this time with tricks on how to stay beautiful and stress-free during the chaotic holiday season. Well you might not actually be stress-free, but at least you won’t look as frazzled… We feature a variety of our DIY concoctions, but I just couldn’t stop there. Read on for my fun holiday inspired spa treatment that’s all natural and edible!

With the holidays just around the corner everything pumpkin is completely acceptable…so why not flavored lip scrub in pumpkin spice?! (Or as I apparently pronounce it: “Punk-in”)

Pumpkin pie, oh my!


Below you will see the ingredients in the wrong measuring spoons. This was not to confuse you, just rather look pretty next to each other when I only have one set… my bad. But it is cute right?! ;)



(I always double or triple this recipe for gifts or to store for the season)

* 2 tbs coconut oil

* 1 tbs brown sugar

* 1 tbs agave/honey

* 1 tps pumpkin pie spice



Rub it in circular motions over your lips. You should feel the sugar working into those dry spots. The sugar helps to soften and exfoliate, while the coconut oil moisturizes and rehydrates. Agave nectar and honey are full of antioxidants which have anti-aging properties, as well as soothing and clarifying.

Pumpkin Pie Holiday Lip Scrub

Check out my video here:

We’ve been getting requests for videos, which we will try and deliver on. Here’s my first stab at a new one… Don’t judge me too hard, it’s been awhile y’all…


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