Homemade Sugar Scrubs – Bringing Some Southern Charm Home

sugar scrbs

Dear Diary,

This weekend I was in Hilton Head for my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding (a mouthful, I know). Wise people know there are two things that create a joyous family gathering: unconditional love and alcohol. Luckily, there was never a dry event…so the trip went fabulously, expect for my headache from the week-long booze cruise and a couple encounters with some very large cucarachas… I survived.

I was definitely a fish out of water in the South. I’d never heard of, “Junior League,” or eaten fried green tomatoes or referred to anyone as a “heehaw.” But my indoctrination into the Southern way of life wasn’t all about fried food and colorful vernacular. I also experienced Southern Charm; sincere hellos, southern chivalry and humid, muggy air filled with scents of bacon frying and pecan pies. I loved it!

Trying to be an SFG health-conscious individual in the South, was as successful as Aubrey O’Day’s line of pet hair dyes… How do you say no to buffets of fried food, fresh steamed crab drizzled in butter and oh, I already mentioned the pecan pie with Crisco, no doubt?  In the South, sugar is the starting point and butter is the main course.

So while I had a week long love affair with butter, my thighs have told me it’s time to end it. But I did discover one way to add a little southern sugar to my life, sugar scrubs.  In every restaurant we dined, the  ladies room offered sugar scrubs in a cute jam jar, no less. So I’ll be damned… if I can’t eat sugar, I might as well smell like it. They are so easy to make and you can change the smells by adding different oils and different essential oils:) ENJOY!!!

The equation:

2 parts sugar + 1 part oil + essential oils = Homemade Body Scrub

 1. Choose your oil

  • Avocado oil – great for dry skin
  • Coconut oil – great for moisturizing
  • Jojoba oil – great for moisturizing for all skin types
  • Olive oil – great for moisturizing (but strong smell)
  • Sesame oil – great for its anti-oxidant properties
  • Almond oil – great for moisturizing for all skin types
  • Vitamin E oil – great for healing & moisturizing


2. Pick your sugar or salt

  • Fine Salt
  • Table Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Kosher Salt
  • Epsom Salt
  • Brown Sugar
  • Raw Sugar


3.  Add 5 drops of essential oils, here are some of my suggestions

  • Lavender 
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Chamomile
  • Vanilla Extract









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    Love it!

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    this is interesting site, totally agree with you. hope to see this site keep alive. thanks!

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