We’re fake it til you make it divas exposing Hollywood tricks that don’t break the bank. From celebrity trainer tips, DIY Louboutins, to the $1.99 teeth whitening fix. We know how to walk among the stars on a waitress’ paycheck.


VALORIE (Left) – “Martha Stewart”

Since I was little I always had a number of passions. My mom recalls picking me up from 2nd grade one morning and I was crying because, “there just isn’t enough time!” My mom didn’t understand what I was referring to until I said, “I want to do it all. I want to do nails and be a pediatric cardiac surgeon.” Hmmm…Weird kid. To say the least, I’ve always had a lot of interests and hobbies. My mother hated buying me new clothes because she was afraid I was just going to ruin them. I loved cutting them up, bedazzling them, and making them original! My favorite Christmas was when I received my Martha Stewart edition Singer sewing machine, I’ve been ruining clothes ever since.

JACKIE (Middle) – “The scholar”

To me, SkinnyFatGirl means forgetting the labels and unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves through societal views of what a woman should be and finding confidence and happiness within yourself to fulfill your dreams.  In order to be the best YOU—you have to laugh… A LOT!  Eat well… but not all the time ;) and enjoy the journey!  Finding balance and creativity in one’s actions makes the journey of life that much sweeter… especially in a place as crazy and beautiful as Los Angeles.

The journey is filled with crossroads—different paths; some clear, serene and smooth—safe but not as satisfying… the second path is more risky, hard to see… the roads less ventured are so much more alluring.

As I said before, life’s all about balance… I graduated from college and all of a sudden realized that the world is our own personal oyster. Life is what you make of it. You no longer have to idolize freedoms, you get to live it and experience it for yourself. My future is no longer way ahead of me… but is now a complete creation of the decisions I make today.

I chose to move from my home in New York to Los Angeles… It’s tough being far from home, so I’m fortunate to have found a great group of girls amongst the chaos of LA to stay grounded by!

I’m Jackie, an aspiring actress with zero connections in the entertainment industry. A family of academics, I decided to pursue a career in self-expression!  There’s nothing more real, than finding an emotional connection with a story that needs to be told and then living it… but I didn’t stop there.  I decided to get back to academic life by pursing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Southern California… combining my passion for people and their stories with philanthropy.

All young women throughout the world are going through the same emotions and experiences I am… this is my way to analyze my journey and to figure out how to live each day to the fullest, embrace all those experiences and make lemonade out of even the most rotten lemon sort-of-days.

LAUREN (Right) – “The trainer”

I started the Skinny Fat Girl Diary as a tribute to my ever failing attempts to have it all.  The perfect body, perfect job and perfect relationship. I wanted to share overcoming my struggle for perfection and being content with reality.  I’ve dealt with the whole gammit of eating disorders. None of which are funny, but my sense of humor helped me laugh my way to healthy. So I wanted SFG to be a place where people who struggle with emotional eating could relate and, maybe, even laugh from time to time.

My area of expertise is in fitness and nutrition. I’ve worked with celebrity personal trainers, studied bikram’s yoga, and if a synonym for skinny happens to be in a book’s title I’ve probably read it. I’m like the calorie labels on Starbucks Bagels… I discourage you from eating it, but if you do, I’ll guilt you into running.

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Skinny Fat Girl Diary