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Dear Diary,

With the start of a new year come lots of new resolutions and goals. Ours being focused on fitness especially since SFG Lauren is getting closer to her big day! Operation #ShedForTheWed is in full effect.

Jackie and I thought we would check out a new gym in town to learn more about Pilates and get a good sweat in! We had a private lesson at the very beautiful studio with the owner!

Meet Abey! She is the sweet and very knowledgable owner and instructor at Hummingbird Pilates in Beverly Hills. Pssst, she’s amazing!


We wanted you to get to know more about what we learned in our lesson and hear what this health and fitness expert had to say. Here’s what Abey shared…

How long have you been teaching Pilates? How long have you owned Hummingbird Pilates?

I’ve been teaching for over seven years. I opened Hummingbird Pilates at the every end of March 2013, so we’ve been open for almost a year now. I love the beautiful studio space and the opportunity to teach my clients using Gratz Pilates equipment which I believe is the absolute best and gives people the best results.


Jackie and I working it out! Sort of… Thanks for being so patient with us, Abey!

Why did you choose Pilates out of all the fitness fields? 

I did a lot of yoga when I was younger. And I think yoga is great. But when I started Pilates I just loved how it made my body feel, and how it was a fun, hard workout. I think it is the best method of exercise for keeping the body strong and healthy throughout your life.

You’re so well versed in nutrition and health. What’s your approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle in general?

It’s definitely a work in progress! I’ve struggled with body image since I was thirteen years old and have wasted so much time and energy worrying and obsessing about my weight. What’s helping me right now is to forget the fad diets and the labels and to get back to eating real, unprocessed food. I am loving the book “Real Food” by Nina Planck and Margaret Floyd ( is a great whole food expert.

I used to workout a LOT…too much. Now I have a much more balanced approach and I think I’m in better shape than ever. I try and do Pilates a couple times a week, as well as hiking or walking my dog and the occasional yoga class or weight training session (with my husband, Matt, a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Venice).

We so often think of health as diet and exercise, but there are so many other facets. I do Vedic meditation because stress is the worst possible thing for our health and I’m a worrier by nature, so I do meditation to  calm my mind. I also aim for the blessed eight hours of sleep, try to get out in nature, as well as connect with friends and family and take time out for myself. It’s all about finding balance and that can be really tough with how much responsibility we all have. But an “easy” thing that doesn’t take up any time: cutting out negative self talk- this is an absolute must!


What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

I love to go to Sugar Fish for dinner with my husband and then a movie- a proper date night is such a treat! But of course at the mention of “treat”, the first thing that comes to mind is dessert….oh how I love dessert! I’ve tried to cut out sugar in the past but I’ve learned that when I restrict myself I tend to go a little  bit crazy. So I have some raw chocolate nearly every day. My favorite brands are Sacred Chocolate and Chocolatl (and that’s not a typo!). But when it comes to really going for it, nothing beats a good ice cream sandwich!

If you are just beginning Pilates, what do you suggest should be your goals?

It’s so important to find a good classical Pilates instructor. There are a lot of cheaper studios offering classes that really aren’t Pilates at all. Joseph Pilates was a real man that developed a really wonderful system of exercise and his brilliant method should be respected! A classical Pilates instructor teaches the exercises that Joe created, using his equipment. Pilates should be worked as a system, using the whole studio to address each client’s needs. If you are able to workout on Gratz equipment, the original Pilates equipment manufacturer, then that would be ideal. People often ask me how many times a week they should do Pilates and depends on what your goals are and what else you are doing to stay fit and active…A few times a week would be ideal, but even one class a week will give you benefits- even 20 minutes will give you benefits!


Getting a nice and deep quad stretch on this crazy contraption. Seriously fun equipment!

What can Pilates do for your body that other workouts can’t? 

Pilates is special because it’s more that a workout. It helps you build muscle and look great, but it also has amazing long term benefits. Pilates teaches you how to use your body properly, thus reducing your chance of injury all while improving the quality of your daily life. Pilates improves your posture, stamina, balance and flexibility, as well as helps alleviate (and prevent) back pain. Joe Pilates said “you are only as young as your spine is flexible”. There are a lot of workouts that will give you results, but Pilates gives you results AND is beneficial for your body. You can do Pilates forever!


 You’re probably wondering what we’re doing here. Well, it might not look like much, but all these little pulsing movements sure give you a good workout!

We here at SFG love results, can I tone up just doing Pilates or do I still need to run?

Again, it depends on what your goals are. Pilates strengthens your body and helps build muscle, thereby increasing your metabolism. Pilates will definitely change your body if you are consistent. Most people find that they loose inches and see definition, even if they don’t loose weight. But if you have significant weight to loose, it’s important to also get your heart pumping (I recommend walking or hiking) and eat healthy, unprocessed food. Pilates is also a great compliment to any other exercise, like yoga or weight training. Pilates will help your body stay strong and injury free and help you do everything  in your life with great ease.



Tell us more!

We offer Pilates private lessons, semi-private lessons (two people workout with an instructor) and mat classes, as well as yoga privates and yoga classes. You can call 310-278-8157 to schedule a lesson or email

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Thanks, Abey! Make sure to follow her on Instagram for awesome health/fitness tips and recipes!

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