If You Like It, Then You Better Put Glitter On it!


Dear Diary,

The most over-played Beyonce song in radio history was, “Single Ladies.”We all loved it, until we hated it. I downloaded the song immediately, learned the hand shake and went in search of a black leotard (thank you American Apparel.) The infamous line, “If you like it you better put a ring on it,” reminds, us, ladies that nothing is finally until it is in platinum… a bit materialistic maybe, but B has a point.

However, being a girl in LA, you realize that engaged, weddings and marriage are the anomaly, not the standard. Hells Bells, I’m going to have to wait for hell to freeze for something to sparkle on my GD ring finger. So being an independent woman of the 21st century, I did what any rational person would do…put glitter on it.

The Beverly Nail Salon off Kings, indulged my glizty pursuit; letting me have my fun, but not get too carried away. The result… my ring finger, and Thomas toe sparkle, even if I might not have the bling to match, the girlie girl inside of me is thrilled!!!



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