Imnotangel campaignDear Diary,

I applaud the Lane Bryant #Imnoangel campaign and the others like it; Target did an ad with real women in bathing suits and you can’t forget Dove, who really started it all. They have called into question America’s unrealistic portrayal of women’s bodies and beauty in ads and isn’t it about time for some variety?

These models and most models, are genetic anomalies. This was told to me by freshman year science teacher and I’m paraphrasing here because it’s been awhile, “their height to weight ratio is on the extreme end of the bell curve for the population.” We are seeing ads with clothing modeled on bodies that are nowhere near how the average women is built. Under this logic, clothing ads could be considered false advertising and should have a disclaimer, “clothing does not typically look like this on most women.” This would explain why, I’m returning four out five of the bathing suits I purchased from Nordstrom.

I have come to terms, with no matter how may chicken salads I eat, “with the dressing on the side” and miles I run, I will never weigh 120 pounds and be 5’11 with a 24 waist…it’s not in my genetic make-up. However, as a young girl, I thought these goals were achievable and it led to some unhealthy behaviors. I was not alone among my peers when it came to struggling with body images issues.  I’m not suggesting these ads are the cause, but maybe they are the seed. So, when companies  started marketing a different narrative, I found it refreshing. It felt like a celebration of all different body types rather than putting certain ones on display.

At the end of the day, ads are about companies are about increasing their brand awareness and selling more of their products. Let’s be honest, models look better in clothing and a lack there off. So why would a company not want their clothing represented to a consumer on a body that’s perfectly proportioned? And as a consumer, are we more likely to buy clothing modeled by a model?

This was a very meta afternoon and I thought I would share…any thoughts?



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