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Dear Diary,

It’s the holiday season and time for our annual SFG Secret Santa exchange – stealing others’ gifts and drinking wine is encouraged! I, also, like to put together goodie bags for my friends. Since I was little, a party wasn’t a party, unless it had a swag bag – even if it was just a neon whistle and tootsie pops #classy. This year, I’m putting together “in-law survival kits,” because they are… necessary for the holidays.

They make great stocking stuffers and can help mentally prepare you and your friends for the family time ahead. I love my in-laws, but spending time in someone’s house for longer than 3 days can turn into an episode of, “The Real World.” So if there is someone that needs a laugh before they stop acting “nice,” and start acting “real.”

Here’s what you need:

Tiny Casamigos Bottle  – it’s drinkable at room temperature. This is the “emergency shot” when you hear the same story for the 20th time and the wine can’t make you smile through it. Keep on you at all times and politely excuse yourself to the powder room, take straight from the bottle and walk out a buzzed, smiling woman.


Postive Bando Word Bobbie Pins – let the enthusiastic “super bobbie pin” smile for you, when your mother in-law asks, “so when are the grandkids coming?!”


Shampoo and conditioner – Everyone has different tastes in hair products and some households opt for the all in one shampoo and conditioner combo… So unless you want a knotted mess, let’s just be prepared and bring specialty hair products.

Pepto-Bismol – butter, cream and not your mother’s cooking… need I say more.

Green Tea Hawaii – emergency caffeine, I’m very particular about my coffee and some places in the US, don’t have a local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the corner…gasp!

Excellent Hand Cream – you’ll probably offer to do the dishes because you are a nice person… It’s cold and dry outside and you’ll totally need those red manicured hands for a holiday mug Instagram shot.

Vitamin C and Echinacea Tea – kids, travel, and kids. Stay healthy.

Place all these well curated items into a bag, with a note explaining the reasoning behind these choices. You can toast your survival come New Year’s Eve.


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  1. Heather P. says:

    I love this idea! Hope your friends enjoy them and get full use of them. :-)

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