It’s a Man’s World…


Dear Diary,

Have your heard the song, “It’s a Man’s World?” Awhile back, Christina Aguilera sang it at the Grammys and I’m pretty sure Beyoncé belted out the song at one point as well… Ok, so why am I rambling on about it exactly? Well, now that I’m a full time working gal, with so many jobs, I consider myself the poor man’s Ryan Seacrest, I find that song still has merit in this day and age… Some businesses are just Good Ole Boys’ Club. Instead of burning my bra and refusing to shave my legs, until they start inviting me to late night poker games and cigar lounges… I’ve decided if you can’t beat them, why not look like them?   I’m talking about embracing the androgyny fashion. Magazines, celebrities and email blasts, have all been encouraging me to take the step. However, until I tried on this tuxedo inspired jacket from BCBG, I had no idea how much I love this fashion trend! It brings power suit to a whole new level and men have taken notice in meetings…

Lauren White Jacket

man's world 2

man's world

man's world collage



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  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    You look so gorgeous! I love the ‘can’t beat them, look like them!’
    The blazer is gorgeous and the shades are perfect!


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