JEALOUS OF VEGANS… but not really


jealous of vegans pizza

cauliflower pizza

Dear Diary,

This fleeting feeling of jealousy never lasts long… but do you sometimes suffer from the same ailment?  I mean they’re so committed!  So aware!  Walking around… with their vegetables, and slim figures, effortlessly whipping together delicacies that are colorful, delicious, and healthy WHAAAT?!  It’s obnoxious really… ugh vegans… with their “ideals”… “hey vegans, stop being so… so… cool.”

ugh, I’m jealous.  After years in LA it’s hard not be… there’s something sexy about being that extreme, and while I try to eat healthy, organic and raw as often as possible, I am no vegan superhero.  I’m what you’d call a vegan enthusiast… I really respect my friends who are so committed.  And being a vegan enthusiast has its perks… I can admire them, I can try some delicious recipes (thanks to all my vegan-baker friends– you know who you are ;)), but I can eat meat and dairy guilt free whenever I want– which is important since I tend to eat Indian or Italian on a regular basis!  I’ve never attempted to eat vegan for an entire day… but I guarantee that I would fail within the first hour.

healthy veggies pizza slice

One reason I could never be a vegan: I love cheese.  Like, I really love cheese.   It’s just too good… well not for you per se, but hey it’s got protein!  Okay, I may be in denial about cheese… but I’m always trying to figure out, if I’m going to eat it, how I can make a meal engrossed in cheese slightly healthier…

veggie pizza

For example, the other day at work, I was craving pizza.  I was suffering from serious cravings… day dreaming of thick crusts, oozing with sauce and layer upon layer of cheese… and what do I do about this craving?  I give into it of course!  But I decided, if I was going to eat a whole pie of pizza (due to my lack of self-control), how could I mix it up in a healthy way?

Lately I feel like I could be doing more with vegetables… I feel like vegetables are boring… but they really aren’t.  After doing some research online, I combined a couple of amazing recipes out there to create this veggie-tastic one!  This recipe takes vegetables to a whole other level– using cauliflower as crust, sweet potatoes as sauce!  IT’S CRAZY!!!  But oh, so delicious… and while this recipe may not be vegan…  I could care less!  It’s healthy, delicious and inspired by all those vegans out there that make vegetables look fun and easy! :)

Here’s what you need: greek yogurt, cauliflower (half a head), sweet potato, steamed spinach, steamed asparagus, goat cheese, egg, & walnuts

for the crust: boil cauliflower and grind it up, add a 1/2 cup of yogurt, a pinch of salt, and 1 egg.  Mix together & shape into a pie on a cookie sheet (lined in parchment paper)

cauliflower crust pizza

for the sauce: boil the sweet potatoe (1 large one will do) until soft; drain them and then mash up in a bowl along with olive oil, crushed pepper flakes (1 tablespoon), and a dash of salt.  When smooth, pour on top of the cauliflower.

sweet potato sauce on cauliflower crust

Finally, sprinkle on the goat cheese, steamed spinach, asparagus & walnuts & place in the oven at 400 degrees for about a half hour!

sweet potato sauce

Enjoy SFGs… and eat the pizza damn it…

healthy veggie pizza

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  1. Saniel says:

    Where is the vegan version? Tease. If you knew the process it take to make cheese you would not eat it. WATCH FORKS OVER KNIFES.


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