Jean shorts return with a… Vengence


jqp5rIbshGm2Eyts0CL_bR8dpK_nNC7YutwSsPtexxMDear Diary,

There’s one thing Katy Perry forgot to mention in her song, “California Girls,” and that’s, that, we – SoCal ladies – love our photo shoots.  What can I say? If someone has good lighting and says let’s shoot, you won’t ever hear a “no”! And with the revival of denim, what better way to celebrate summer officially being here than capturing it’s comeback on camera!

Carlee, the brunette, who’s bachlorette party we just planned, looks effortlessly chic in the colored cut-offs! I’m obsessed with the sporty, causal look – I think it’s so sassy and chic. She’s rockin’ red below, how cute is that?!


These California ladies are just workin’ the camera!


I’m wearing bedazzled one-of-a kind jean shorts from, Omen Eye. I used to think of hardware on jeans as over the top, similar to the guys at the Vegas pool with Acquai de Gio. However, this adds a bit of flash, so you can the wear the shorts into the night, without it looking too causal.


I’m only this happy eating sugar because it’s sorbet…C’mon I’m too neurotic to eat real ice cream :)


2RuzbIfbDWYbUoTrmEQ9MfZT0CnD-do5bIfrqSQaawQThe hair girl really got crafty with my locks.  I’m not sure what you call the side braid wrapped around my head, with some pieces curled on one side. All I know is that on my Costco run later, someone mistook me for a back-up dancer for the Black Eyed Peas. Can I get a ghetto-fab? What What??

California girls, love our daisy dukes! Pair those cut-off jean shorts with some heels and a flowing button-up – now that’s a trend train I’m getting on. Haha yes…yes I really just said that. Talk soon…


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