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Dear Diary,

Every time my husband is traveling, CSI New York has a weekend marathon on CBS and my own life starts offering up clues….to an unsolved crime…that’s never happened. Like my neighbors lack of coordinating socks – one blue and the other polka dotted – suddenly seems peculiar; or the black Chevy Impala parked on my block becomes suspect, and I find my Muriel 12” frying pan a reasonable bed companion.  Now I’m a rational human being and realize these meager attempts to be a detective slash samurai are not proactive in any way. June, being National Safety Month, gave me the push I needed to take a realistic look at my personal safety.

So when Sabre, the world’s leading distributor of pepper spray, reached out about their newest home safety products I was open to listening. If you don’t recognize the brand, just go find the pepper spray your parents gave you when you moved to a big city…Or was that just me? Being that they’ve made a name for themselves by offering security against someone twice your size, I was more apt to trust their newest products –  alarms for your home’s doors and windows. Did you know that more than 50 percent of burglaries take place through first story floor windows and backdoors? These alarms are easy to apply, affordable and even easier to find – sold at one of our favorite SFG stores – Target!


Saber post

As if that didn’t make it simple enough, they are also a company with a conscious. Being that it’s National Safety Month, they want to encourage people to share their safety tips using the hashtag #safeissmart. Every time you do, they will donate $1 to “RAINN” – the Rape, Assault and Incest National Network. This organization helps women in need and that’s something we will always get behind.

Hopefully, we will never be faced with a CSI type situation, but why not give ourselves peace of mind by taking steps to feel better, safer and more prepare for anything…especially when CBS adds color to our overactive imaginations!


*This is a sponsored post. Products provided by 3rd Coast PR.

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