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Dear Diary,

Every girl deserves to feel pampered every once and a while… and after the kind of day where you want to rip out all your hair, scream at the top of your lungs and then cry in the fetal position for hours… pampering is a NECESSITY! An overwhelming amount of school work, followed by an extremely disappointing audition consumed my Thursday.  While it began on a sour note… its end was much sweeter… with manicure therapy.  There’s nothing like catching up with a gal pal after a frustrating day… it was time to have a little fun and do some female bonding at Marie Nails in West Hollywood.

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My friend Perri is what you would call a nail art enthusiast. This girl has the coolest nails in Hollywood, and has even developed a following on instagram (thePearfectmani).  Being a nail art virgin myself, I didn’t really know what to expect… but thanks to her expertise, my first experience was smooth sailing.


Choosing what nail art to do was the hardest part… the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Check out Perri’s site for all sorts of inspiration… literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… for my first go, I decided to try something a little sweet and a little spunky…

nail art 033

What do you think??

Now for a girl who’s gotten a lot of manicures in her life, I can tell you that there is something special about getting nail art done.

nail art 001 nail art 004

It really is an art… my nail specialist was meticulous with every stroke… the fun, flirty and glamorous result was the perfect end to the lousiest day.  And while I may have champagne tastes… I live on a beer budget, so nail art will have to be an every-once-and-a-while thing, but trust me… the next time I get it done… it will be money well spent!

nail art 021

this was the perfect way to NAIL a bad day in the bud! (see what I did there ;))…

nail art 034

Have you tried nail art before??

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