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Dear Diary,

15 minute Towel Workout

Well Christmas came and went and I did exactly what I told myself I wouldn’t do, but what was unequivocally inevitable… the few days before Christmas festivities began I started executing my long baking list… brownies, of course, along with some Christmas sugar cookies, a homemade cheesy lasagna and a Christmas roast with rosemary potatoes accompanying.  As always, I was excited to indulge, confident that I could enjoy some delicious treats without “over-doing it”…  because as I say, I eat what I want… but always in moderation.  The problem was there was no moderation in sight… or even in the same zip code.  I ate cookie after cookie, a brownie sundae followed by an extra helping of potato lasagna– a unique new recipe I cooked up consisting of a bowl of delicious lasagna and potato mixed until it looks like… no other word to describe it other than… goo… but delicious goo!  And with 48 hours of no vegetables, no shower (yup 2 days in pjs), and clearly, no shame… its time to kick off my slippers, ditch the sweets, and slip on some nikes!

Let’s keep the amazing and healthy vibes of 2014 going looong into 2015!!!!

And to keep you ladies inspired, here are some of our favorite hearty recipes to keep you satisfied and healthy…

cauliflower pizza SFG Diary

my Cauliflower pizza, x2 are great choices for a fit end to the year!


Valorie’s stacked apple salad is the perfect detox after a sweet christmas too….


or maybe you want to snuggle up by the fire and enjoy Lauren’s healthy chili!

carbonara 1 and SUNDAE 002

my carbonara pasta or this french classic are great ways to still feel like you’re indulging without any guilt!


Val’s YUMM bowl combines all of my favorite things :)…


… oooh, fried cauliflower is a favorite too!

So many choices… and no better time to start cooking healthy!  Enjoy SFG’s!  Happy Holidays!

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