Dear Diary,

My relationship with beef jerky started 3 years ago; I was on an Atkins-ish type diet and looking for a snack low in carbohydrates. It started as, “oh, well this has an interesting texture,” to an all out obsession. One afternoon, my bank put a hold on my debit card because they couldn’t believe someone would visit four different gas stations on the same day purchasing a $6.99 item. I was on beef jerky expedition and might have told the lady I was “The Goldilocks of Jerky, trying to find the right combination of flavor and texture. “The lady quickly asked a couple of verification questions and ushered me off the phone. Clearly flagging my account and adding notes like, “crazy lady, purchases copious amounts of beef jerky, multiple Mobile stops a day.”

It hit an all time low, when I found myself in a laundry room in Jackson Hole sneaking dehydrated beef. Why, was I cowering between Tide and a laundry basket eating one of American’s staple snack foods? I was on my first vacation, with my now fiancé Max, and there’s not a sexy way to eat jerky, especially when it’s lacking moisture. So instead of accidentally hitting him with an elbow or “gnawing,” with my mouth open, I thought eating alone would be preferred for both parties.

However, we have recently discovered a jerky that you eat in front of your significant other, elbow-throwing free. It’s called, Krave Jerky, and it’s not dry, like most other brands and has unique flavors – Basil Citrus, Chili Lime, Garlic Chili Pepper, Lemon Garlic- so instead of feeling like you are in man’s jerky world (most all brand have aggressive looking bulls on them), you can feel ladylike as you gnosh on Lemon Garlic Krave Turkey Jerky out of a more sophisicated package.

My personal favorite is Chili Lime, give me that and a margarita and you won’t hear a complaint out of this SFG.

Lauren loves Chili Lime - Krave Jerky!

Valorie’s pick was the Lemon Garlic Turkey Jerky, the garlic is balanced well with the sweet lemon flavor.

Valorie love Lemon Garlic - Krave Jerky!

Jackie, felt the Basil Citrus was more her style, being in Grad School and all…I’m guessing her intellectual self geared towards the green packaging. Green is the color of genius, right? That was a line in the Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro film,”Meet the Fockers.” Remember? Too much of a throw back??

Jackie loves Basil Citrus- Krave Jerky!

Enjoy your low carb snack in the OPEN!


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