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Bored with your make-up routine?  Most girls remember to enhance their eyes with a little mascara before leaving the house, but many forget about their lips!   Every woman is beautiful, but feeling confident is not always so simple– to feel more polished and ready to conquer anything and everything it’s important to feel prepared, sexy and fearless at the drop of a hat… you know, for any last minute parties or late night rendezvous :). My secret weapon… the right lipstick!  It’s my favorite way to tie a look together!

I love to keep my make-up routine as simple and as natural-looking as possible… the key to brightening up your face is creating different looks with lipstick– and when keeping the rest of your make-up simple, you will never look over done.  It just adds that extra show stoppin kick… and while I know a lot of girls are scared to pump up the color… I say go for it!  It’s summer, and that easy, breezy beach bombshell is just a shade away!

This weekend I hit up the beach, my face completely naked (except for sunblock of course) and just a bold red lip– it glamorized my natural look in seconds, and I felt confident enough to do the slow motion Baywatch run on the malibu sand!  My hair was blowing in the wind… and while in actuality I might not have been as sexy as Pamela Anderson, I sure felt like a rockstar…

Posted below are my two favorite lip colors by Chanel– choose a great color that looks good on you! There are so many different shades of red and pink, so don’t be shy… try as many on as possible to ensure you choose the right shade for your complexion and skin tone– the right lipstick color can enhance your eyes, and hair color– you just have to find it!

Can’t afford Chanel?– me either. haha… try Maybelline OR Cover Girl!  They share identical shades at half the price at your neighborhood pharmacy!!!  So spice things up, and try something new… and with the summer heat rising, bring attention to your lips, and off the beads of sweat dripping from your face… no one wants to look like a wet raccoon– with smudged eyeliner and mascara!

Check this week for a quick video blog where I introduce my favorite blush/lip product to beat the summer heat…

Remember, summertime is all about the lips– so lock in a great summer with a bold statement!

–  SFG Jackie

Summertime LIP LOCK

Chanel lipstick
$33 –

Lip gloss
$21 –

Chanel lipstick
$33 –

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  1. Aimée says:

    thanks for sharing in the above preview.

  2. Dora says:

    kind of interesting post…

  3. Pre says:

    I love Tarte!


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