Los Angeles Staple: Healthy Mexican Feast!



Dear Diary,

For those of you who keep up with us SFG’s on facebook, this picture might look familiar.  After traveling to Italy, you’d think that all my posts would be strictly Italian… but once I got back to LA (and had overdosed on gelato and pasta every night), all I was craving was the taste of home– which of course would be healthy Mexican food!

This dish was simple to make and only included the healthiest and best ingredients– bursting with flavor and filling enough to lead you to believe it was bad for you…

First, I baked slices of sweet potato in the oven (drizzled with olive oil and salt/pepper)– why sweet potato?  It’s my favorite potato because it is the least starchy, lowest calorie and most vitamin/mineral-filled potato of the bunch!  It doesn’t hurt that it tastes the best too!

Second, I rinsed a can of organic black beans and brought it to a boil in enough water just to cover the beans (this will only take 5 minutes!)

Once cooked I put my dish together: covering the black beans and potatoes in a thin layer (one slice) of vegan cheese (regular cheese is fine too!)

Next… the most important ingredient of all!

Guacamole is what I like to call– a Mexican salad… it goes well with everything and has such amazingly rich flavor!


These are the ingredients to my favorite homemade guacamole recipe:

* 2 avocado

* 1 tomato

* half of a red onion

* 1 jalapeno pepper

* the juice of 1 lime (but if all you have is a lemon around that’s fine!)

* salt/pepper to taste

* a handful of cilantro


MIX TOGETHER and viola!  You’ve got the perfect topping!

To finish the dish… I added a little organic simple salsa and used 2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt and a sprinkle of chives!  (greek yogurt is the perfect, tangy, protein-alternative to sour cream– and honestly I can’t even taste the difference)

This dish will fill you up while slimming you down!



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