Loving Leather Leggings!

Dear Diary,
I’m a girl all about comfort. Looking good comes secondary, to how I feel in clothing. I’ve mentioned in the past, I own about 12 pairs of Lululemon’s pants. I’m guessing they have, “skinny mirrors,” in the stores because I’m not the only one wearing lycra out and about. I used to dream of  designing workout clothing that could pass as evening wear, ah youth! (If you haven’t already guessed it, I was Sporty Spice in my Jr. high clan.) However, I’ve come to realize wearing spandex -no matter how flattering – to dinner parties, auditions, or first dates,  may not be “appropriate” or stylish. So, I’ve had to adjust my perspective and start to find my inspiration outside the active wear section of my closet.
Enter leggings, but not the flimpsy kind that you can see through (remember to check your backside before heading out..just saying). I’m talking about leather or on my budget faux leather pants. They are the solution to my clothing dilema and sexier than denim. To keep the look causal, it’s always best to pair tight leggings with a looser, longer shirt. I, also, like to pair them with wedges or heels to lengthen my legs or check out Jackie’s solution. It’s the perfect outfit for coffee with the girls or grabbing a causal bite out.
I snagged this pair at H&M for under $30, (Not listed online. Similar look here Cotton On & Forever 21) the bracelet was $3.99, the sunglasses were on sale for $7 at Banana Republic and the denim shirt is from J.Crew.
Did the Kardashians make thighs, OK? I’d like to think that was our society has become more excepting or maybe that’s me growing more comfortable with myself.  But the Kardashians have flaunted their womanly bodies. So I say the hell with it, I have thighs, too! I can show them…but I would recommend for the more thigh you have the looser the top should be. It will help balance out the curves: )
Val took this amazing table shot and it just felt like the perfect setting for this outfit…Or maybe I’m so highly caffeinated that anything involving coffee seems awesome.
I’m experimenting with no eyeliner for the daytime. Make-up artists say the more you have on, the more it ages you. Try it! They are starting to call me miss again in the grocery store..kinda of a big deal.
I was self conscious about putting this photo up, because of my junk in the trunk. But, I thought if someone needs break-up pants… this would definitely be the recommended route. Leave them with a lasting impression, am I right?
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