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Dear Diary,

I grew up thinking I was of Puerto Rican descent because my momma spent her high school years there. When people would ask me how I was so tan I would nonchalantly say, “Well I’m Puerto Rican.” I remember the day my mom over heard me and had to explain that just because you live in a certain country doesn’t mean you’re of that nationality. Major buzz kill.

However, the past few summers I’ve been hiding from the rays and trying to protect my skin. Whether it’s hats, SPF or spray tans, staying youthful and cancer-free is a higher priority than getting dark. This summer between wedding season and my Peru trip with Tommy (in their winter!) I haven’t had a chance to hit the beach at all, so my first trip to the beach had to happen after getting a spray tan (Let’s face it, being tan makes you feel more slim, toned and helps hide problem areas) from On The Go Glow Mobile! They’re an amazing 24 hour service that’s all-natural and come to your house! Plus, you’re left smelling like vanilla instead of fried chicken.


If you read Lauren’s post on swimwear you might remember her saying she likes to accentuate her top with a pattern and keep her bottoms solid for an optical illusion that draws your eye up. For me, I’ve always described my body like a 2×4 – Very narrow and straight up and down. I realize that everyone sees themselves differently and in all actuality I’m more womanly than I think, but in my defense I was given this complex since birth thanks to my delivery doctors. They told my mother that, “If she didn’t have shoulders on her like a Green Bay Packer she would have shot right out!” (Why thank you?… Who says that about a baby girl anyway?!)

So for me, I like to wear bottoms with a fun pattern to give me more in the hip department and help give the optical illusion of having a smaller waist. I also tend to go for bottoms with less material because the wedgie look makes your booty look rounder. More material tends to sag when it’s wet and no one wants to look like they’re wearing a diaper. If you have an old swimsuit and want to give it a quick makeover, try my swim DIYs!





 L*Space Swim – Strap Back Top (pistachio) // Monique Bottom Bitsy-Sugar Rush Print


Janessa Leone “Rita Panama” Hat (on sale!) // Banana Republic Sandal (sold out)

L*Space Swim – Strap Back Top (pistachio) // Monique Bottom Bitsy-Sugar Rush Print


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