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Dear Diary,

Every time I’m on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – I’ll inevitably see something about summer – be it poolside shots, bikinis or epic sunsets. I guess there’s no hiding from it, summer is here… and it’s a hot one! So it’s time to show your bathing suit body…whether you feel entirely ready or not.

Unfortunately, I’m in the latter category because summer doesn’t make me crave nachos or sweet potato fries any less…. And, I’m just not one to pass up a good summer tart. So you can image my trepidation when putting my swimsuit on. Especially living in a city where people think baby carrots suffice as lunch…plleeasssee, maybe… breakfast. ;0

I have picked up some tricks of the trade, while living Los Angeles though. Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best when catching some rays, especially if you have a more athletic build, like myself. We are of the fake it till you make mentality.

L Space revised Image

-Pair a patterned top with a solid bottom. This draws your eye towards the pattern making your legs seem longer.  I’m in love with my L*Space bathing suit at the moment. They have such great patterns this season! Their bottoms also come with several different coverage options. So you can be completely comfortable. I know tiny is trending, but my Midwest self just can’t let go.

I’m wearing the Twister Top in carnivale, with the Classic Lacy Bottoms in peacock.

-If you are bigger on top, steer clear of extra fabric on your tops: ruffles or fringe can add too much width & made you look bigger than you are…

-Also, if you have a planned beach outing, pass up fiber muffins & lots of spinach a couple days before, instead opt for lean protein, you’ll retain less water and have less chance of bloating. Worse comes to worst, and you are in a pinch during a bathing suit photo opt. Place an object in front of your stomach…like this here coconut and it can help optically shrink your waist.

Lspace Swim revised 2

Lspace revised 3

LSpace_Swim_Skinny_Fat_Girl_Diary_Summer_Looks - 149

-Spray tans are never out of style when you are pale and athletic… seriously no one ever said an ompah loompha looked thick.

The most important thing to looking bathing suit ready, is self-confidence. We aren’t all supermodels and it’s a bummer… but at least we have our humor.

L Space Revised Image 4

Cheers to the weekend! Hope to see you at the beach :)

Bikini: L*Space (Twister Top + Classic Lacy Bottoms in Peacock)


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