Monday March 19th-Retail Motivation


Dear Diary,

Over half of my wardrobe is lululemon. Ninety-percent of the time I’m in workout attire and I have no qualms about it.  Here’s the thing, getting to the gym is half the battle, so if you’re already dressed for the part it’s hard to drag your heels. I’m not suggesting you wear workout clothes to work, but if lulu could make a clothing line work appropriate, that would be amazing.  And if you haven’t looked at your ass in a pair of Groove pants, I would suggest you take a little “you” time and try them on. Your self-esteem will thank me later. Believe you me, I’m not one to advocate getting dolled up to go to the gym because those people annoy me – sorry – but I really workout and like “sweat.”  However, feeling good in your workout attire will increase the chances of you actually putting it on. It also helps battle that inner demon that suggests you deserve chocolate covered pretzels and a couple days off.  I’m just saying.

LuluLemon is a tad pricey, but if you make the hundred dollar investment, it’s harder to make excuses and that motivation is priceless. On they do have the,” we made too much,” page, check it out. I’ve scored some attire at half the price!   If you do find yourself in the store, try on the Run Inspire Crop, Astro and Groove Pants…they are do wonders for your backside.;women;we-made-to-much




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