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Dear Diary,

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been in celebration mode.  First, I was celebrating my boyfriends homecoming after a long trip away… and since I always associate celebration with food… you can assume that there was A LOT of poor eating choices involved.  For almost a week we spent money (that we don’t have) on everything from pizza to Indian… then a few days later, it was time for yet another celebratory event– my BIRTHDAY!!  And you guessed it, with more celebration, comes more expensive meals and poorer food choices.  Hey, a girl only turns 27 once, right!?  But sadly… the festivities have all come to an end, and all that I have left to show for it is an empty wallet and a less-lean physique.

While I’m ready to jump back into my healthier routine– it’s not that simple.  Once I’m out of my routine, it takes a real effort to get back into the swing…But I’m up for it!  Plus I know that since I live a mainly healthy and fit life, I’ll get back into the swing a lot quicker than I think.  But that doesn’t mean all of my cravings will be gone… Once I start eating pizza consistently… all I want is the good stuff… and it goes the same with dessert!

This weekend I was finally getting back on track, when a craving hit… I had been eating so much cake and candy (thanks to my wonderful mama’s b-day care package), I felt like I was going into sugar withdrawal… and with the weekend finally arriving– I felt that it was again time to celebrate with sweets.  But this time, I was going to create something a little more satisfying for my body and mind with the perfect ice cream sundae!  This sundae is deliciously simple, and certainly a lot healthier than the traditional…


what really takes this dish over the top is the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients– I was inspired to incorporate figs.  If you’ve never had them before– go to the store and grab them while you can!  The chocolate fig sauce and whipped “cream” really make this sundae unique.

The sauce is DI-VINE… the figs add an extra sweet bite while the dash of salt brings an unexpected kick!


To balance out that rich, deep flavor of the chocolate sauce, I think a smooth whipped “cream” is in order…

Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to a fatty cream… You guys know that I like to use greek yogurt in pretty much anything!  I can’t help it– it’s such a tangy and healthy addition to any savory or sweet dish– by adding just a few simple ingredients it is easily transformed.



Here’s how to create the perfect healthy sundae:

3 scoops of our FAVORITE ICE CREAM… halo top of course! (whey protein in our dessert?  Yes, please!)

FIG CHOCOLATE SAUCE:  4 Figs, 2 TBSP of Vanilla, a pinch of salt, half a bag of Lily’s vegan- no sugar added dark organic chocolate chips, & 2 tbsp of almond milk (melt all ingredients together in a sauce pan… then strain the chocolate sauce to get rid of the fig seeds for a smooth sauce!)

NO-CREAM WHIPPED CREAM: 1 vanilla bean, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, cup of plain greek yogurt (slice open that vanilla bean for those beautiful and flavorful seeds and whip everything together!)

spoonful of sliced almonds & elemental superfood crumble (this “granola” is THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!)

tsp of raw cocoa nibs for some extra sweet crunch!

1 banana

2 figs & no sundae would be complete without a cherry on top ;)

Share this sweet treat with a friend this week… trust me, you won’t regret it!  Enjoy SFG’s!


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