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Dear Diary,

I’ve always been a bit of a flowerchild… and my scent reflected that… until now.  Have you ever tried to do the “right” thing… but it totally back-fired in your face (or armpit??)  Well I’ve got the story for you… it all started when my impressive, health-conscious SFGals Lauren and Valorie brought to my attention the benefits of going au naturale… okay not ALL natural… razors and conditioner are still our friend… but many deodorant brands are not. Did you know that most of the ingredients found in some of our favorite deodorants may be anything but good for you?  I had been using dove (original scent) for over a decade with zero problems… my underarms were soft, and I never had issues with B.O. or sweat no matter how hot or long my day was… but recently I found out that deodorants that contain aluminum may give you a higher risk of breast cancer or Alzheimers… and that’s not a risk I’m willing to take… are you?  So instead I started researching/experimenting alternatives…

So… at first I thought, to hell with it!  I could just go cold turkey– yup you heard right, zero, zilch, NADA deodorant… I know what you’re thinking, but sorry to toot my own horn… I’ve never had a problem with body odor or sweating… toot toot… I’ve always smelt like a bed of daisies if I applied just a little deodorant before starting my day! Therefore I thought maybe I was good without it…

Well the first few days, I felt like a sweet-smelling goddess!  Those days were good while they lasted… I smelled great and felt great… it was a modern day miracle!   However, I soon realized that my underarm pores had just been clogged with chemicals for the last ten years and it had taken a few days for my natural scent to return… and it wasn’t pretty.  72 hours later I smelled less like roses and more like rotten meat… I learned a lot about myself that day (sigh)… all this time I thought that the outkast song didn’t apply to me… but my sh** really does stink… and oh, I sweat like a hog too.  Unless I wanted to lose my social life, by being kicked out of any bar or restaurant, you know, because of the public health codes… I was going to need to take care of that stat..


My first choice for a natural brand was obviously the popular and well-known brand TOMS… it can be found at any pharmacy… and while TOMS works for most people… I unfortunately was not so lucky!  After just a few days of using it, I broke out in a massive case of hives!  It was NOT pretty… and after researching online, many (but not all) people suffer from the same ailment… once I healed I found that Crystal  works well for me!  It’s another brand that can be found at your local pharmacy and its a mineral salt deodorant that masks odor… and while it doesn’t necessarily prevent sweat… I’ve noticed a decrease!

This is what Valorie had to say about her switch to natural deodorant:

“I have to tell you that sweating and getting a bit “misty” (aka sweating like a man) is something I’m partial to. Gross, I know. Yes, I’ve been known to jack limes from bar counters to freshen up during a night out. Hey, this is actually a trick that works – the citrus kills the bacteria that causes bad odor. (PS – I prefer limes to lemons :) And is it weird that I think I smell like maple syrup after?!) Anyway, after realizing that it may not be the best option (Imagine my daily limes stored in the same fridge we eat out of… that could be a very VERY bad mix up. Just sayin’) I decided to try some real deodorants that are paraben and aluminum free. I typically love Kiss My Face beauty products, however, when I decided to try out their liquid roller wand in “unscented” I learned that in all actuality “unscented” had the distinct smell of B.O. I was like geez…I just put deodorant on, how could this be?! Cut to Lauren sniffing the roller and pointing the pungent wand at me with a disgusted look on her face. I was discouraged, but I didn’t give up! A good friend recommended Earth Science’s natural deodorant in Liken Plant and I have met my perfect match!”


Okay… so I may not smell like flowers any more… but I at least don’t smell like garbage and have decreased my risk of cancer or Alzheimers!  Who knew that trying to be healthy and au naturale could be so complicated!  :)


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  1. Emma says:

    Hello! Love your blog! One trick my grandmother has done is apply isopropyl alcohol under arms at night and apply normal deodorant in morning. Guess it worked… She never smelled..

  2. Heather P. says:

    I’m hoping someday that companies find better ways to combat the sweat and stink – you’re not the first person I’ve heard of who had a difficult time finding one that works. I never knew that about Tom’s brand deodorant – I’ll have to keep that in mind if I make the switch over!

  3. Pearl says:

    Hello! I thought I should mention this:
    “Natural” deodorants either don’t work, make people have reactions (like you) or they have Propyl Glycol which is literally plastic!!
    I would recommend the Lavanila deodorant line- its smells great, no chemicals AND it works!!

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