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Neon & Nude 2neon & nude

Dear Diary,

I’m loving neons & nude for summer!  I know I’ve posted a lot about jazzing up shoes (specifically the soles), but I couldn’t help but share my latest project.  The color combination is to die for.  Neon yellow and nude would be equally as uh-maze-zing…


*(I’m into NUDE) heels

*Neon paint

*Masking tape

*Paint brush


1. Tape off the shoe bordering the sole.  Try to get as close to the sole as possible.


2. Paint the bottom of the soles.  Mine took three coats. (If spray painting, make sure to tape off the entire shoe!)


3. Remove the tape slowly. (Be careful, sometimes the tape can pull off the shoe’s finish.)

DIY - Neon bottomsIMG_1227

4. Voila!  Neon & Nude red carpet stunners!



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  1. Heidi says:

    Hi there – can I quote some of this blog post if I reference you with a hyperlink to your website?

  2. Nat says:

    Love this style tip! I’m loving highlighter colors too!

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