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Dear Diary,

Val, Jackie and I have all been on vacation for the past week and had an amazing dinner at Ink on Monday to snap ourselves out of it! However, as motivating as Monday’s dinner was, it turned into a massive Tuesday morning hangover.  As painful as the sunlight was yesterday, I believe the tequila cocktail at Ink is well worth it, which is why I ordered …several.  We thought immersing ourselves in creative cocktails would help kick start our own creativity.

Not sure if that came true, but we did get to catch up on our recent travels.  Valorie just came back from Alabama and was surrounded by the cutest children you’ve ever seen… I can’t wait for her to post her pictures, ah-ma-zing. Jackie, whose week-long “booze cruise” aka, heavy celebration in Culver City has come to end; well deserved after completing her first year of grad school with a 4.0. And I’m just coming back from a week long golf trip in Palm Springs, it was supposed to be a relaxing vacation – but neither one of us can sit still for very long.

Vacations are, for lack of better word, awesome. Besides coming back with a tan… sorta. Make-up artists describe my coloring as reddish. I have discovered a new favorite guilt free snack, Veggie Krunch. My fiance is always snacking on the best thing in the snack continuum – chips. I would also, like to be partaking in the chip festivities, but am aware that there would be a whole lot more of me to love with a lot less self-esteem.

I discovered Veggie Krunch, before our road trip to Palm Springs I grabbed them to compete with Max’s Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Chips. They are amazing – almost better than the real thing.  They come in 3 flavors.


*Sweet Onion 80 calories per serving

large2  * Sweet Teriyaki 60 calories per serving


* Arugula Cabbage 80 calories per serving

My favorite is the Sweet Teriyaki, then Arugula Cabbage and last the Sweet Onion. There are only 2 servings per bag, so you can eat the whole bag, without feeling guilty. They do crumble,  so I’d be weary of eating them in a recently detailed car. They are way better then the house brand kale chips at Whole Foods and have less calories. Talk about a win-win.

Summer is almost here, so I’ve added these to my snack drawer to help fight off unhealthly cravings. They are available at Whole Foods for $5.99 a bag, and you can order them online as well. They come in the bright orange packaging pictured below:


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