New Twist on an Old Favorite: STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE


strawberry banana smoothie SFG

Dear Diary,

It’s only May, and the heat in southern California is already INSANE.  Summer time weather reminds me of summer time smoothies.  Smoothies, or “Liquid Fuel” as I like to call them, are perfect treats that keep me going all day long.  And with little time most mornings to make myself a proper breakfast, smoothies are my go-to food for a nutritional start to my day.

Strawberry-banana smoothies have been around a LONG time…  it may not be new, but there’s nothing like a new twist on an old treat.

I was recently inspired by visiting a good friend of mine in Seattle… it was  such a terrific trip.  Nothing like a weekend full of fun, laughter and of course… lots of food!!!! Ben & Jerry’s + Law & Order SVU = the perfect Saturday night, am I right?  My friends and I love to eat our way through most cities… but sadly with broke budgets, we couldn’t enjoy all the fabulous fare that Seattle had to offer.  While we indulged here and there, we tried to be kind to our wallets by making some meals and snacks ourselves… and when my friend mentioned she made a mean strawberry-banana smoothie, I wasn’t immediately impressed.

Strawberries, bananas… it’s not rocket science!  How good could it be?  Being an LA snob with health smoothies galore, I’m used to complicated recipes with a lot of “superfoods”, powders… you name it, these smoothies have it!  Remember this smoothie recipe?

But I have to say, this was the best strawberry-banana smoothie I’ve ever had!

This recipe is all about keeping ingredients simple and healthy.

strawberry banana smoothie jar

While her strawberry-banana smoothie recipe was amazing, there was one alteration I wanted to make…

vanilla greek yogurt adds an extra sweetness and smoothness to the smoothie, but with that, a lot of unnecessary sugar.

Did you know that any flavored or fat-free yogurts are more processed and full of sugar?!

I know, a frightening fact… therefore I came up with a great alternative that provides the sweetness without the processed sugars…

a vanilla bean!

Adding vanilla beans to 1 cup of greek yogurt will add an extra kick to an almost perfect recipe.  :)

vanilla bean SFG

Here’s what you need:

6 small strawberries

1 banana

1 cup of fat free milk (almond milk is a great alternative)

1 cup of greek yogurt

handful of chia seeds

1 vanilla bean (cut down the middle and dump the seeds into the blender!)


strawberries SFG

yup, it’s that simple…

blender shot SFG

Why chia seeds?  They add great texture, reduce cravings & help hydrate.

smoothie chia seeds


Remember SFG’s it’s not rocket science… it’s just a really, really good smoothie!  Enjoy SFGs

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  1. Strawberry banana smoothie provides a large range of nutrition that can make us healthy. Really its cool smoothie. I like it. Thanks for your great share.

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