New Year… New Brushes: A Testament to Clean


SFGDIARY clean new yearDear Diary,

Anyone else been breaking out this winter?  I don’t mean breaking out in DANCE (sigh) I wish… I’m talking skin.  Between all the traveling, and differences in climate; first New York, then Nashville, then Los Angeles, then Houston, then back to Los Angeles… AHHH no wonder my skin is in crisis.  All the comfort food, chocolate and pie… lots of pie… hasn’t helped either.

My skin is usually pretty easy and predictable… as long as I wash and moisturize it, I usually do okay… but while the new year is always  full of resolutions, I realized my face deserves a clean fresh start as well… with cleaner make-up brushes.  Make-up brushes are not cleaned often enough… it’s one of the quickest chores, yet I always delay… but what a difference it makes!  Make-up brushes too often go unnoticed… yet we use them every day!  Left in your bathroom drawer, or on the bathroom counter, or worse… at the bottom of your make-up bag!  This leaves your face open to all sorts of BACTERIA (yikes).  In order to keep your skin clear and irritation free… let’s make a resolution to clean brushes more often!

All you need is some baby shampoo.  This gently cleans your brushes and leaves them feeling so soft… they’re as good as new.  So my new year’s resolution is to clean my brushes every few weeks… instead of every six months ;)

Here’s wishing you all a happier, healthier, and cleaner new year!… and with a perfect complexion to match!

skinnyfatgirldiary clean brushes

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