New Year’s Eve: The LBD Three Ways


Dear Diary,

We were featured on Lauren Conrad again and we thought it was the perfect time for an LBD feature throw back. New Year’s Eve is almost here and that’s means we are all in a frenzy to find the perfect dress. It’s that one time of the year, no one should judge you for drinking out of champagne bottles and dancing on tables. So let it go, but first let’s find that perfect dress to have an epic dance party in…

We, three girls, behind the SFG Diary all have different bodies, interests, and styles. It’s taken some trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, we can’t all rock billowy tops or white pants, but we are learning that’s OK. The most important thing to remember is to have confidence in yourself. Sometimes, that starts with feeling great about what you are wearing. There is one item we can all rely on to make us feel confident in a pinch, especially New Year’s Eve: the little black dress…

SFG Diary // Little Black Dress How To for Lauren Conrad

The options are endless.

Nowadays, fashion offers more flattering LBDs than ever, with styles that incorporate color-blocking, fit-n-flares and A-lines. These little details can really help whittle down your waist and play up your assets. And when the dress isn’t enough, we’ve got a couple tricks to make it your best look.

Make a statement.

Valorie, pictured left, refreshed the all black LBD with accessories. We are obsessed with statement necklaces, and Valorie took it one step further by twisting two necklaces together to make a one-of-a-kind piece. This is an inexpensive way to jazz up your dress and make your necklace collection fun again.

Jazz it up.

Jackie, pictured center, opted for a bright red lip and a color-blocked dress. The pop of color against her pale skin really makes her lip take center stage. She has a curvier frame, with a shorter torso and legs for days. We found that pairing an accessory that matches the color blocking (the blue ring, in this case) helps to elongate her frame and draw to her well-defined shoulders. Also, you can take some liberty with your shoe choices: gold toed, strappy black and studded! Oh my!

Pump up the volume.

When we say pump up the volume, we are referring to your hair! We once worked on a set where the mantra was, “The bigger your hair, the smaller your waist.” Lauren, pictured right, went for the big hair look and chose a color-blocked dress to slim her frame. She has an athletic build, so color-blocking on both the top and bottom makes her look leaner.

Sometimes all it takes re-accessorizing what you already have to make the perfect outfit debut, however if you are in a splurge worthy mood check out a few of our favorite LBD’s this season!



Photos: Sam Zachrich 



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