Nothing Fits in Your Closet? Here’s an Idea…



Dear Diary,

So I’m heading out for dinner, but it’s just one of those days; nothing fits and my hair has completely given up on me. All the wedding planning has me a bit frazzled and my skin keeps getting blotchy (holy shiaz…I’m really doing this!) In defense of bridezillas everywhere, I understand YOU. Lately, I’ve been scouring the Internet for venues and compiling data on costs associated with the grand soiree. My best friend in all this, Excel; who knew it would be so useful in my personal life – thank you Professor Strunk! Anyway, back to the mission at hand , dinner out and everything in my closet is silently laughing at me. Times like these, I, go to the one thing that will always fit…shoes.

Tonight, I’m going to distract from my lackluster self with these caramel colored boots. These, boots, I especially love because they make me so tall people it feels like people are really only interacting with my legs…that sounds a little strange out loud. But here’s the deal, had a bad day, nothing fits?? Sexy boots are your best friend!

There are a zillion places to score inexpensive kicks, one of my favorite is London Boots on Melrose. The best part is the guy is willing to wheel and deal with you when it comes to price. And I love to negotiate for a good deal… Other places you should check and especially now is Nordstrom Rack or Off Sacks 5th Avenue, it’s past boot season so you can grab some at a great price. Or you can always go dumpster diving, like Val. :) Send us pics of your favorites!

good photo

Oh and the dress, I found at the Gap! Their draw string dresses are awesome. Plus the Gap is always having a sale, so that excites the budget diva within. I grabbed this garment for under $25.

revised photo1


So I’m all for the sleek and smooth Kardashian Style buns, but when it comes to days where I’m a hot mess, I choose the causal wrap bun. Simply put your hair in a ponytail, then wrap it around like a bun and throw a hair tie around it. Then just hope it turns out, here’s the results of my hoping.



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