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Dear Diary,

Last week I went to the LA Green Festival and got the pleasure of checking out everything from solar powered scooters to watching health food demos. Free samples?! I’m there! (I could probably live off pursuing Costco aisles…)

While there, I watched vegan chef Leslie Durso rock the Vitamix and llllloooovvvveeeddd everything she made while learning some clever tips and tricks in the kitchen! She’s adorable, savvy and she used to be Leslie the Lab Girl on Bill Nye the Science Guy! Pretty cool, I know. Check out her site for more tasty, vegan and gluten-free recipes.

When I was leaving I commented on the fact that her cilantro hummus was amazing, but I was surprised it tasted that good without the olive oil. She told me she had every intention to use it, but accidentally forgot. (She had a very hands on “helper” who resembled a garden gnome and was more distracting than anything else… You know those over eager expo volunteers that run up to people with a microphone asking if they have questions…yeah, that guy.) But it got me thinking hummus tastes surprisingly good and has a nice consistency even without olive oil.

Not that olive oil is bad for you, but it adds an additional 477 calories per 1/4 cup serving (typical amount in hummus recipe).

Try it…I dare you to forget something… Or check out my other hummus recipe and healthy tailgating foods here!



* 2 cans of garbanzo beans (make sure to get the kind without any added ingredients like food coloring. Yuck!)

* 1 garlic clove

* 1 juiced lemon

* (Optional) A couple sprays of Braggs Amino Acids instead of salt



1. Take your garbanzo bean and drain one can and use a little over half the water of the other can. Pour the cans and garlic into a food processor and blend on low and then get faster to smooth out any chunks. (The water acts in place of the olive oil)

2. Next, add the juice of one lemon. (This helps preserve your hummus for up to a week) Blend again.

3. (Optional) Spray Braggs Amino Acids (in place of salt) to taste.

4. Serve with fresh veggies and enjoy!

Have you ever left something out of a recipe and it became healthier and still tasted good?! Please share on our Facebook!


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  1. Leslie Durso says:

    Ok, those photos are GORgeous!!! I am so glad you enjoyed all the food! Come over and we will do some more cooking soon :)

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