Pair Bold Lips With White Teeth


Dear Diary,

Tis the season for coral, orange and red lips. You can’t open an US weekly without spotting a celebrity pout in a warm hue. #orangelipstrending. As Jackie mentioned in her summer lip fun article-it completes a look and it makes getting ready…so easy!

I’m all for jumping on this trend train, though, I can’t stop myself from cringing when a girl smiles with her 50 shades of eggshell teeth. I’m not judging, I mean I get it, I’m caffeine’s biggest fan. Sadly, most caffeinated beverages don’t come in a lovely shade of clear. Then… enter red wine, how do you say no to a bold Syrah with a hint of both cherry and chocolate…Ummm, you don’t. Sadly, our little indulgences that make us happy don’t support dazzling pearly whites and we can’t all afford zoom whitening when we want to brighten up our teeth …So there are a couple of steps I take to avoid the “mental” car jerking sound when I open my mouth.

When Crest White Strips first came out, we all bought them and tried to put that flimsy strip on our teeth. I, diligently followed the directions with the gusto of a stage mom for the first 4 days. Then somehow, Crest and I fell out of love. One too many strips became a crumbled ball and the $40 dollars for 25 strips might have had something to do with. Once again, the wanna be chemist in me decided to see what exactly was in these strips. Wouldn’t you know, the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and is available for less than $3.00 at your local CVS.

So every night and morning after I drink my coffee (always use a straw!!!) I gurgle for 45 seconds with hydrogen peroxide, don’t swallow it and use mouthwash after because the taste isn’t super. The price is though and my teeth are definitely whiter. If you have a big event coming up or noticed your teeth becoming an unacceptable off white color, grab baking soda and brush on your teeth for 1-2 mins, and then rinse with warm water.

The strips do work, but like working out you don’t always do it. Swishing for 45 seconds, now that is something you can do, without making excuses. I’m just saying.







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