The findings of a FUNCTIONARIO…


Dear Diary,

My best friend from growing up is back from her travels abroad and living in Marin County, where she grew up.  I love taking road trips up north to visit my birth place and one of my favorite people.  While I’m there, I always get a kick out of checking out her Dad’s latest finds… He’s a self proclaimed, “FUNCTIONARIO,” and a major “collector”…and by collector, I mean hoarder.  He has a garage packed to the ceiling with bins of baseball gloves (30 bins, no joke), baseballs, stoves, Coach purses, random trinkets, etc…who knows, there could be a dead body in there.  I’m always slightly concerned for my safety when I enter because it’s just waiting to cave in.  However, I’m always willing to take the risk because he does truly have an eye.  I’ve acquired some one-of-a-kind pieces from him in my day and last trip was no different.  We eventually uncovered a beautiful Stetson hat box and found this incredible old man Panama hat that has now become a staple item in my closet!

My boyfriend likes to call me “Blossom” when I wear it but I don’t care, I love it.  The PANAMA HAT is perfection.

Panama Inspired

J Crew panama straw hat
$58 –


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